August 17, 2016

I consider myself to be a fairly smart person. I was able to graduate college with a 3.8 GPA, I’ve been called a nerd because I like to read A LOT, and I can even answer a good amount of Jeopardy questions! However, figuring out how to vote was pretty tough for me. No sugar coating it, I was clueless.


If you still haven’t figured out how to vote in your state, Google it. No seriously, you can literally Google “How to Vote” or “How to Register” and each state’s voting details will be spelled out in plain English. Google uses your location to bring up the state you are in but you can also choose your state from a drop down menu.Google collected all of its data from the help of law firm Perkins Coie; between them and Google’s team they were able to trudge through all the information and simplify it. This information is then sorted under tabs for an easy,user friendly interface.


google voting 2

With this elections interesting candidates more people than ever are politically engaged online and this new tool could play a big role as we get closer to Election Day!