• Collaboration

    As a multi-faceted Managed Service Provider (MSP) we will consult with you, and or your team, with regards to Business Operations and Technical Operations in order to produce dramatic results.
  • Partnership

    The AOS differentiator is we become your edge-to-edge business partner!
  • Security

    Do you feel your environment is secure against the latest hacks?
  • Data Protection

    Do you need help identifying the appropriate Disaster Recovery (DR) and a Business Continuity (BC) solution for your business?


aos edge

Advanced Office Systems and our AOS EDGE Consulting arm provide seamless information technology leadership for all sized businesses in many different verticals. This leadership commitment recognizes ROI requirements, scalability needs and the requirement of providing a true Business Partner rather than just another vendor.

 AOS and AOS EDGE have always been, are today and will be tomorrow – COMMITTED TO SURPASSING OUR CLIENTS’ EXPECTATIONS.


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Did You Know

Better than 60% of security events are the result of an inside attack?

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24/7 support via phone, email or our web portal

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We provide helpful documents that increase awareness about our products and services

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