August 28, 2015

Have a small business or looking to open one? Here are some mobile apps that you will make owning your small business more efficient.

1. File-Sharing Apps – Since mobile devices are constantly changing having a file sharing app designed for a mobile platform is a must. Employees can work off their phones and have unlimited storage space for files, folders, and backups that sync across a variety of devices. Some of the apps available are Google Drive and Dropbox.

2. Accounting Apps – Mint, NetSuite, and Quickbooks are great apps to help manage your companies’ finances. Most of these include an expense reporting feature which is great for mobile use.

3. Editing Apps – Being able to edit documents on the go is necessary for all types of businesses. Microsoft Office mobile and Keynote are just some that allow employees to view and edit documents and then share it.

4. Industry Specific Apps – Probably the most important, these apps will vary depending on your type of business. Here at AOS one of our most used apps is the Connectwise app that allows our techs and engineers to work on the go.

5. Security Apps – Investing in a cloud-based security /mobile device management app is crucial. These apps serve, any purposes but one of the most important is being able to wipe data of devices are lost or stolen.