AOS’ Managed Network Services are designed to allow our valued clients to utilize technologies that in the past, only large companies could afford. Today, AOS can provide companies with the capability to manage their entire IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of employing or utilizing their own IT staff. Using our agent-based technology, AOS can manage your servers, workstations, firewalls and backup solutions – all remotely from our Network Operations Center.

AOS’ Managed Network Services are comprised of the following solutions. Just click for more information on each of these offerings:

  • Network Server Agreement (NSA) – Provides telephone and on-site remediation, remote monitoring of ports, services and processes, Windows patch management, anti-virus updating and much more.
  • Managed Back Up Agreement (MBA) – A sound solution to protect your valuable data. The MBA eliminates the hassle of managing this process yourself and can quickly restore a failed server to a virtual server in the cloud.
  • Sonicwall Global Management System (SGMS) – A firewall solution that protects your company’s information assets from today’s overwhelming, unexpected threats. SGMS provides your firm with a broad array of data collection, archiving and reporting from the firewalls we remotely manage and maintain for you.
  • Managed Workstation (MWA) – A solution that empowers you to stay on top of all of the patch management, anti-virus management, software inventory and reporting necessary to get the most out of your investment in workstation hardware and software. MWA will dramatically increase efficiency and improve security and stability in your computing environment. AOS will assist you in reducing complexity and increase productivity of PC users working locally or remotely.
  • Block Time Agreement (BTA) – A bucket of service hours at reduced costs across 3 tiers of support.  AOS clients leveraging BTAs have the opportunity to secure professionals at the Desktop / Printer support tier, the Engineering support tier as well as the Senior Engineering tier at discounted and role-based rates.  This means the client gets the right resource for the right task in ensure issue resolution in timely fashion which helps preserve the block of time.  Also, the BTAs never expire and include all travel.
  • Total Care Agreement (TCA) – All-inclusive managed service solution that introduces single sign-off.  Imagine bundling all of AOS priority service agreements into 1 easy to budget agreement, that simplifies billing, provides unlimited, quick response onsite and remote service calls!  With the TCA, clients benefit from AOS watching, patching and management of all servers, workstations, backup, firewalls and printers!

Let AOS help your business more effectively manage those hard won IT dollars by minimizing cost, exposure, risk and frustration.