August 7, 2015

If a day goes by where you don’t hear about a security or data breach at some renowned company, count yourself lucky. These breaches are happening so often, as such a grand scale, it’s a miracle if your information is safe. Here is some important advice on surviving an employee data breach.

1. Response Plan – It might be near impossible to fully prepare for an employee data breach but increasing your IT security as well as having a strong response plan in place is a good start. That plan should include consideration for the type of data that maybe lost (such as back account information, social security number, and addresses)

2. Lay It All Out on the Table (But Not On Everyone’s Table) – Be upfront with your employees. In addition to a memo or email, host an in person discussion session with managers and their teams. On the flip side, you have to consider if the media really needs to know about this breach.

3. Prevent Identity Theft – Make sure your security team is equipped to help your employees with redeeming and identity theft protection plans you may offer

4. Compliance And Former Employees – Work with your legal counsel to make sure you are meeting all requirements, including current and former employees.