June 19, 2015

Thinking of getting Dad an Apple watch for Father’s Day? Where you one of many who had to get a wearable as soon as they hit the market? If so, here are some potential security issues you need to keep an eye out for.

1. Anyone Can Access Info – Most wearables aren’t equipped with security features like fingerprinting or PIN protection. Without something like this, information on a wearable is free for the taking.

2. Persistent Hackers – Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication between the wearable and its paired smartphone are extremely vulnerable. Some communication can be deciphered by forceful attack by persistent hackers. All they need to do is use trial and error to find the correct combination of username and password.

3. At the Mercy Of App Developers – Apps need to have a strong data encryption to prevent hackers from accessing data through the wearable. Third party advertisers and marketers eat this info up. Currently, wearables track info and don’t have a strong protection from potential hackers.

4. Downfall of The Cloud – Enterprises should consider a private cloud that ensures ownership of encryption keys for maximum protection. Without this, these keys are in the hands of cloud service providers and architects.


Another thing to consider is the ease in which these wearables can record both audio and visual. The person sitting on the train next to you or having coffee at the table across from yours could very well be recording that phone conversation your having or simply taking your picture.