July 10, 2015

Calling all Apple fanatics! iOS 9 public beta is here and some of the new features are listed below!

1. Low-Power Mode – When activated it is said to be capable of extending battery life by up to 3 hours. Downside is that is may disable some visual effects and reduce performance.

2. Better Note-Taking – A new formatting toolbar lets you insert checklists, photos, and videos into the actual note. You can also use your finger to write notes and organize into folders.

3. Not Planes, but Trains and Automobiles – Apple Maps can give you train and bus directions in major cities

4. Another Permanent App – Apple News will be on home screen and will give you the latest stories throughout the day.

5. A Bigger Brain – Siri is getting smarter. She can remind you of things based on the day or your location.

6. Upper and Lower Case Letters – Lower case letters will now be shown on the keyboard if you are in fact using lower case letters. Upper case will show when using the upper case setting.