June 4, 2015

Small businesses everywhere have less then two months to migrate to a new operating system if they are currently using Windows Server 2003. An estimated eight million businesses have yet to make the switch to an updated system. On July 14th, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or patches leaving both physical and virtual instances vulnerable to attacks.

Not only will businesses be vulnerable, but the maintenance costs will greatly increase. Moving to a newer operating system will offer enhanced security, affordable storage and better cloud connectivity. Before migrating over, companies must make sure they backup all information, as it could play a crucial role in minimizing downtime they may face during and after migration. The ideal backup should be able to support a migration as well as everyday needs so daily business isn’t interrupted.

Along with all of this, new software and hardware devices will not be built to integrate with Windows Server 2003, causing major compatibility issues.

Needless to say, time is running out. Starting the migration right away could save these eight million companies from crippling consequences.