May 26, 2016

computer vaca pic


It’s getting hot out and with the warm weather comes vacation! Know how to protect your devices and data while on vacation!

  1. Use Corporate VPN – The security in your company’s network is far better than anything else you think about connecting to. Plus, your IT department has the visibility to protect you.
  2. Give Employees Wi-Fi – Providing employees with hotspots when they are on the road is a good idea whether they are on vacation or not. Logging into any Wi-Fi outside your office’s protected network is asking for trouble.                                   
  3. Encryption Is Key – Accidents happen, luggage gets lost. If you experience this unfortunate event, having your laptops or phone encrypted is the only way to ensure your data will be safe
  4. Have a Security Team? Use Them! – If you’re going anywhere, especially out of the country, letting your security or IT team know you will be away. False Alarms such as logins from “Suspicious” locations can be avoided if your team knows it’s you.
  5. Back It Up – Make sure your data is backed up and stored offline. If Ransomware infiltrates your system, being backed up will prevent you from having to pay thousands of dollars to retrieve your data.