April 17, 2015

Are you wondering why your business should leverage managed services from a professional service provider? Below are 5 reasons you should strongly consider such ASAP!

  1. Ensure Scalability
    • As your business model evolves, so should your IT infrastructure. With a professional grade Managed Service Provider (MSP), the appropriate measures will be implemented to ensure a smooth, seamless transitions while minimizing cost and risk of an outage or disaster by not having the appropriate solutions in place.
  1. Reduce Liability
    • With server agreements, workstations agreements, backup agreement, firewall / security agreements etc. in place, the liability and exposure is on the third-party provider. In many cases, having a Managed Service agreement in place is considerably less than hiring and training your own IT staff.
  2. Proactive Support
    • MSPs offer proactive solutions instead of reactive fixes on-the-fly. Instead of constantly fixing symptoms of bigger problems, reputable MSPs will try to identify potential problems before they happen which in turn will keep your systems up and running longer.
  3. Gain Access To New Technology
    • Technology is forever changing and at blinding speed it seems. Professional-grade MSPs invest a considerable amount of time, energy and money when it comes to research and development to ensure the latest and greatest technology is being leveraged to stay ahead of the competition. Under such, your business gains access to some of the best tools, solutions and resources.
  4. Predictable budgeting
    • Managed Service agreement costs are typically fixed monthly or quarterly which makes annual budgeting easier to assess and plan for. It also allows your business to quickly and efficiently gauge impact and ROI.