December 28, 2015

Is your company thinking of switching data centers? Or maybe you don’t have one and are deciding if you need one? Either way here are some qualities the data center you choose should have.

1. An Event Classification System – Classifying scenarios by importance will help prepare their response teams to handle the issue in the best way possible. Anything could go wrong and they should be prepared to handle anything from a loss of redundancy to a customer impacting event.

2. A Well Trained Operations Team – Having a trained team available 24/7 will allow staff to respond effectively and efficiently. They should be given mock drills regularly so they stay alert and will be able to handle anything including power failures or natural disasters.

3. A Communications Team and System In Place – Both customers and internal staff need to be aware of the problem and what is being down to remedy it. Having a specific team to do this will free up the local team to resolve the issue and everyone will receive the same information. The system should send emails or texts/calls to the clients so they are given all the appropriate information.


data center pic 1

4. Supplies For Natural Disaster – Making sure things like the generator is full and a back- up power supply is available are just some of the things they should be prepared for.


data center pic 2

5. Be Prepared for Natural Disasters – Natural disasters are becoming more and more common every year. Data centers should be structurally sound as well as have emergency supplies in the building.