October 16, 2015

Here at AOS, we work in a fairly small office building. You can find your typical cubicles and water cooler and a receptionist when you walk in. Unfortunately you can’t find some of these awesome additions that other offices have.

TOMS is known for donating shoes to under privileged children, but now you know that they have an indoor slide in their office.


Toms Slide Pic

Citrix, a company that AOS uses for some of their servers we provide to clients, has a “server room” where employees can take a break and recharge with some peace and quiet.


Citrix Server Room

Can you guess what Heineken has? Yup, a bar! A very swanky bar at that. Employees are more than welcomed to enjoy a draft anytime.



Red Ventures is by far one of the coolest offices that I have ever seen. Complete with fire pits and bocce ball courts!


red venture

Do you work at an awesome office or know of another one we missed? Visit our Facebook page and tell us about it!