October 2, 2015

Lately Apple is everywhere with their new products but here are some reasons to get excited about Android’s new operating system, Marshmallow.

1. Better Battery Life – Pretty self-explanatory but Anroid is adding a “Doze” feature that will utilize motion detection to note when your device is being used more during certain periods of time. This allows the device to go into deeper sleep and use less power.

2. Better Fingerprint Support – In the near future Android is expected to go further than most smartphone companies with fingerprint technology with standardized support for fingerprint sensors. This will result in tighter device security.
3. Use Your SD Card As On-Board Storage – Basically you can use your SD card for apps and data storage. This feature will format and encrypt the drives allowing them to be used for holding apps. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to interchange the card with other Android devices.

4. Different Permission Settings – Instead of running through a long list of permissions at the time of install you will be asked these permissions when they are required for the first time. Now you can actually take the time to read the permissions and what they relate to.
5. Easier Text Selection – Instead of being frustrated trying to copy and paste from one app to another their new text selection algorithm work by highlighting text by the word when expanding an initial section, but offering more precise selection when retracting. Also a new floating menu has controls such as cut, copy, and paste next to your selected text.

6. Improved App Linking – Instead of that annoying “Open with” pop up, Marshmallow improved app linking and Android should now be able to figure out whether a link should be opened in a browser or an app by itself.
7. Rotating Home Screen – Finally!! Now you can use your phone in landscape format both in apps and the home screen.

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