April 29, 2015

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media outlets out there, and just like everything else, some users (or tweeters) are better then others. Here are 7 tips and tricks to get your company’s tweets to the next level.

1. Keep It Short – They only give you 140 characters for a reason. Simple, clever tweets will attract your followers’ attention and gives them room to not only re-tweet but comment as well.

2. Be Engaged – Ask questions, everyone likes feeling that their input is important and that you value their opinion.

3. Get Creative – Pictures are everything! Stick it right in your tweet and you’ve got more attention then you can shake a selfie stick at.

4. Be Part of the Crowd – Twitter isn’t just about what you have to offer, but also your completion. Take a peek at their tweets to get all the latest hot topics and what you and the competition are doing differently. Use this as a way to improve your own tweets.

5. Timing Is Everything – You can schedule your tweets to post at the perfect time. Now when you come up with a tweet at midnight you can use an outside app to schedule that tweet to be seen at more appropriate time.

6. Facebook And Twitter Go Hand In Hand – You can cross post your tweets so that they are shown as a status in Facebook. This will give your tweet more exposure.

7. Know your Followers – Know not just their handle names, but where they are located so tailor tweets specifically for them. You can make note of their location individual or use a third party tool like SocialBro.

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